Updated Monday May 27, 2019 by Brampton North Soccer.


Due to the great success during our Indoor Futsal programS & our past outdoor program BNSC will be continuing the "pass requirement".  It has been a game changer in the development of the players and team workmanship.

What is the "Pass Rule" ?

  • It is a pass requirement that must be met before a team is allowed to score.   This teaches the kids to play a possession game, make pin-point accurate passes, create open space, look for the open space, and play as a team while teaching the fundamentals of the game.  

It's a develpment step in the right direction that keeps the game moving and exciting for both the participants & spectators.


This past year we found that the implementation of the pass rule was very successful; children learned to cooperate and participate as a team; which is the fundamental principles of the game that we wish to promote.   We are therefore continuing the PASS RULE  and hope that all parents and players are patient and supportive of this rule, as it will help with your child’s soccer skill development. 

Each team will be required to make ONE or more successful passes to a teammate prior to being able to score a goal. If and when the passing is intercepted or the ball leaves the field of play the count will begin over again.

This will promote passing, possession and the creation of space. Soccer is all about making space and looking for that open space to pass and to receive the ball, to create plays and opportunity. It will eliminate one player from dominating the games and running from one end of the field to the other and scoring. And, because we want all kids to try the goalie position, this will also eliminate the goalie error of kicking the ball directly to the opposing team after making a great save and it being rifled back into the net.  It does however have it's disavantage in a break away situation where one completed pass has not yet been attained but we feel this is a sacrifice for development.

Indoor Futsal will play kick ins from the sides and will count as a pass.  (Throw ins do NOT count as a pass in the outdoor game.   Once the ball in thrown back into play from the sidelines the team must complete the required pass before attempting to score).

EXCEPTIONS:  Corner Kicks & Free Kicks count as a pass, Own Goals a deflection of an opposing player into his/her own net will be counted as a goal and of course Penalty Kicks will not require a pass. 

ONE PASS RULE– will apply to all ages (excluding the Tots), 5/6 YEAR OLDS & FULL FIELD OFFSIDE